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Tianjin No. 14 High School

Tianjin No. 14 High School located at No. 45 Shuichanqian Street in Hebei District, with a beautiful campus covering an area of over 6 hectares, is an institution of junior and senior education. It includes an available building area of 50,260 square meters. Founded in 1952, it has developed into one of the most modern schools in Tianjin after 60 years of unremitting efforts.

Currently the school has a total enrollment of over 2,500 students in 61 classes. There are 267 faculty and staff, among whom 244 are full-time teachers.

The school has complete facilities and elegant environment. The multi-media teaching appliances are equipped in all the classrooms. The Internet is accessible on every corner of the campus, and the school library has a collection of over 60,000 books and journals. The school also has biology labs, physics labs and chemistry labs for experiment teaching. There is a playground and a gymnasium with a swimming pool, a badminton court and a basketball court in the school.

Tianjin No. 14 High School regards humanities as the root of education and treats harmonious development as the soul of education. It has enjoyed great reputation of high quality teaching for six decades of the school history and has developed and adhered to her core educational value of cultivating students into people of great achievement through education and the principles of fostering a student to reach high levels in virtue, aesthetics, knowledge and health. Its vision is "to develop gradually into a comprehensive school with an appropriate scale, a reasonable structure and distinguished characteristics, to provide more chances to youths to be educated, to train more students to be qualified citizens with modern civic spirit, to encourage more qualified students to make contribution to the social development, and to develop itself into a paradise for students' development.

Science and technology is a distinguished characteristic of Tianjin No. 14 High School. It has been awarded as Tianjin Excellent School in Science and Technology, Tianjin Youth Demonstration School in Science Activities and National Youth Experimental Base of Science Education for 28 years.

The students show great interest in the colorful school life. There are many distinctive clubs in the school, such as FM14 School Radio Station, Handwriting and Drawing Club, Literature Club, Badminton Team, Basketball Team for Boys and Rhythm of Camphor Tree Chorus which is well-known all over the city of Tianjin. And the chorus was invited to Stuttgart, Germany to participate in the European Music Festival in January, 2013.

The school promotes the internationalized process of education, and cooperates with the Vermont International School of US to develop American high school curriculum. The students can not only learn with the American students and teachers, but enter the high-quality universities in the United States after graduation. In the meanwhile we're about to open German Classroom for the students with the help of Goethe Institute.

Agreements on cooperative programs have been signed between Tianjin No. 14 High School and some well-known foreign schools. However, we're still looking forward to building up a cooperative relationship with other foreign schools. We strongly believe a brilliant future of Tianjin No. 14 High School will come with your cooperation and support.